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Law Enforcement Supporters

Current Kendall County Law Enforcement Supporting Nicole

Jason Abbott

Khalid Alabaidi

Tom Allison

Roger Baker

Rachel Barber

Cary Boerner

Tara Cantu

Reid Daly

Tom Dudley

Javier Escalante

Brandon Esser

Jimmy Eslora

Keith Faulkner

Robert Garcia

Eric Gomez

James Gonzales

Hector Hernandez

JT King

Kevin Klaerner

Matt Krueger

Roy Laubach

Clint Madsen

Thomas "Butch" Matjeka

Pedro Moncada

Jared Moore

Pablo Morales

Chris Padilla

Bowen Patton

Michael Pease

Emilio Pereda

Heather Pomeroy

Geoffrey Pradia

Neil Quick

Larry Ripley

Brandon Rowe

James Schmidt

Chad Sells

Keith Taylor

Desiree Terrell

Ruben Trevino

Tucker Webb

Cheyenne Weber

Cheryl Weber

James Whitt

Jeffrey Willis

Retired/Former Kendall County Law Enforcement Supporting Nicole

Forres Meadows | Retired Kendall County Constable, Precinct 3


Shad Prichard | Hollywood Park Police Department -  Chief of Police, Former Kendall County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant

"I worked closely with Mrs. Bishop while in charge of criminal investigations at Kendall County Sheriff's Office.  There is simply not enough room for what I could say about her ability to perform in this capacity."


Clint Cook | Retired Boerne Police Department Detective

Kathy Gray | Former Kendall County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigator

Elizabeth Salomone | Retired Boerne Police Department Officer

“I had the pleasure of working closely alongside Nicole Bishop as a police officer. Her pursuit of justice and compassion for victims of crime is unrivaled. Nicole Bishop has exhibited a strong dedication to her duty, a willingness to serve the community, and commitment to the citizens of Kendall County.  I fully support her in her quest to maintain her position as the Kendall County District Attorney.” 


Cindi Caasi | Former Kendall County Sheriff’s Deputy/Investigator


Timo Rodriguez | Former Kendall County Sheriff’s Deputy


Chad Sells | Former Kendall County Sheriff’s Office – Head of Investigations


Scott MacNaughton | Former Investigator - 216th District Attorney's Office

Other Current and Retired/Former Law Enforcement Supporting Nicole


Sheriff Thomas Norsworthy | Burleson County Sheriff


Cougan Hignight | Former Caldwell Police Department, Current Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Police Department


Ken Hays | Retired FBI


Jack Short | Retired DEA


Breck McDaniel | Retired Houston Police Department


Brad Rider | Retired Marshal's Office

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