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Conservative Values


Raised with Kendall County conservative values, Nicole Bishop is one of us. She has dedicated her life to putting violent criminals away, ensuring justice for their victims, and upholding every word of the Constitution.

Nicole is a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment and believes in strictly following the law. She will never ignore the law or take the liberal approach of decriminalizing immigration or drug laws. 


Bishop stands for accountability and sending the message: "Don’t mess with Kendall County!"

She wants stiffer penalties for criminals who target Kendall County families, specifically repeat offenders, sex crimes, violent crimes, and drug trafficking. There is no place for violent crime in Kendall County, and her goal is to keep Kendall County safe for her family and yours. She has continuously sought to send violent criminals, sexual predators, and drug dealers to prison.

As the chief prosecuting official for the county, Bishop believes that one of the most important elements to a successful justice system is good cooperation, communication, and support within the law enforcement community. She has created policies for her office to build strong law enforcement relations. In Kendall County, we respect our men and women in law enforcement. In Kendall County if you come for our officers, we will come for you. Nicole supports our law enforcement, and they support her. 

Bishop stands for protecting victims and has created a 24-hour victim contact policy. After law enforcement notifies the DA's office of an incident, a victim advocate contacts the victim to offer immediate services and support. Nicole has also partnered with the Kendall County Women’s Shelter to share services and resources to better support victims.

Bishop has created several policies, programs, and procedures to support criminal prosecution and to deter crime. She held Kendall County's first successful DWI warrant weekend. She continues to work towards making the ability to get a warrant available to our law enforcement in Kendall County, as it is across the State of Texas in other jurisdictions. Mothers Against Drunk Driving recognized Nicole by awarding her their Distinguished Service Award for her continued efforts to eliminate impaired driving in Kendall County.

  • Put Away Violent Criminals 

  • Ensure Justice for Victims

  • Protect our Families 

  • Defend our Constitutional Rights 

  • Support Law Enforcement 

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